NNOA runs the national prevention program “Get Involved”.  The goal is to make the parents eager to help their children to take the right choices. By creating an environment that stimulates communication between adults, their children, other parents and other children will make it easier for all to reduce the chances of becoming an drug addict.

If you want more information about our progran please contact: brydeg@brydeg.no

The program is run by our local chapters from our members voluntary work. “Get involved” has severe different approaches:

“Get involved – Parents”

Through lectures given to mostly school parents we seek to give information and tools to guide the young ones to adulthood.

“Get involved – Sports”   

Through agreements with different sport clubs we seek to reach both parents, but also role models. How can we make drugs untrendy?

“Get involved – Public meetings”

Through cooperation with local political or voluntary organizations we regularly arrange public meetings. Through lectures from us and our partners we try to reach parents and role models in the community.

“Get involved – Russ”

The celebration for high school pupils in their final spring semester should be about joy and happiness. Unfortunately, some students make bad choices that will affect them for the rest of their life. We seek to make agreements with pupils that want to have a responsible celebration.

“Get involved – Nightlife”

Through cooperation between local authorities, the police and our organization we seek to reduce violence and negative behaviour in our nightlife. Our program also seeks to educate employees in clubs, pubs and restaurants.

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